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Learn Japanese with Mobile Games - Kanji Corporation!

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Why is this game special?
  • Over 120 Levels and 800 Kanji Characters!
  • Easy to understand!
  • Kanji grouped by radicals!
  • Review newer words but not forget old words you learned!
  • Uses spaced-repeition
  • Hire Employees and Buy Technology to Grow!

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Kanji Corporation Tips and Tricks

How to Build Your Kanji Corporation Fast?
  • Streak Bonuses are the biggest aspect of this game! Maxing your streak bonus is the best way to earn a lot of money! With a high streak, your bank account will grow very quickly.
  • Technology will really give you big boosts. At higher levels of technology, your passive income will grow much higher as well as your bonuses and multipliers!
  • Level Up Staff to higher levels to enjoy higher bonuses. Also, some staff members have ridiculous bonuses once leveled high enough!
  • Booooostss will give you a huge edge. Boosts combined with everything else will really increase your money faster than you can image.
  • Diamonds will give you big boosts. Although not necessary, diamonds do things like increase boost effectiveness, earn you more money, increase duel chances, and even unlock all kanji characters for your play!

How to Learn Kanji Faster?
  • Consistency is the most major aspect of learning Kanji. A lot of people learn for an hour and then stop learning after that. But now with a corporation to take care of, we hope you can have more consistency practicing Kanji!
  • Concentrate on what you're learning. Don't just autoplay! Put your headphones on and listen to the pronunciation. When you get something wrong, pay attention to why you got it wrong. Some kanji characters look a lot alike and we grouped it this purpose
  • Continue to look for kanji outside of the game. You'll start to notice that completely foreign characters will start taking shape. If you can complete all the kanji in this game, don't worry, there will be more!

Getting Started Game Guide

kanji corporation introduction

It's 1985 and you're starting a design company named Ishou-Keikaku. You have three staff and clients are ordering from you kanji paintings. As the boss, you have to decide if the kanji is correct. If it is correct, then you get paid and your employee earns experience. However, if you make an error, you will have to reimburse your client and you will face much shame!

Continue to earn money to build your kanji empire. Use this money to level up your system into more advance Kanji words. You can also use this money to buy new furniture that will give you boosts, or hire more employees that will give you special bonuses.

kanji corporation screen area

There are 3 main areas of the screen

1. Story Area - Watch what is happening in the Kanji Corp. Your employees will show you a painting and you will decide if it's right or wrong. After three images, you will move on to the next employee. There are 4 employees per floor. After you go through all the floors, you will see the first employee again

2. Game Controls - Press one of these 4 options to load different screens.

  • People - Hire new employees here. Each employee has a different ability and some can unlock cool features. You can also see each employee's experience level here. The higher the experience, the more accurate the employee will be and the more the employee will earn for each painting.
  • Tech - Buy new furniture and upgrade your canvases. You can also level up here. Everything will help you bring in more money!
  • Boosts - There are many different boosts. Unlock them for even more bonuses! Some of these boosts are extremely powerful.
  • Options - Many game options including seeing statistics, going through word lists, learning more Japanese, gameplay modes, etc...

3. Game Area - Play the game here. Look at the current Kanji and click the option that is best! There are always only two options. The amount you can earn or lose is also displayed here as well as the level of the kanji. The higher level the kanji, the more potential money you can earn or lose.

kanji corporation story screen

Story Screen is Where the Action Is

  • 1. Bank Balance - this is how much money you have earned. If you drop below zero, you will go bankrupt!
  • 2. Diamond Balance - this is how many diamonds you have. You can earn more diamonds with Duels or in the Store.
  • 3. Canvas - this represents your level of technology. As you earn more money, you can upgrade this to computers or even 3D machines.
  • 4. Current Employee - each employee is unique. The more experience your employee has, the better he/she will be at the job!
  • 5. Room - this is where you find furniture that you bought. You can also use diamonds to change the walls and floors!

kanji corporation game play screen

Story Screen is Where the Action Is

  • 1. Kanji Questioned - depending on game mode, this will show something different. In the yes/no mode, this may or not match the kanji displayed.
  • 2. Kanji Requested - this is kanji requested by the client. If it matches the kanji questioned, then press Yes. If it doesn't then press No to reject the artist's work. (hint: the kanji for four is not δΈ€ so you should press 'No' here!)
  • 3. Options - Depending on game mode, you will have different types of choices among just 2 options.
  • 4. Value if Right - If you are right, you will earn this much.
  • 5. Value if Wrong - if you are wrong, you will lose this much. Be careful!

kanji corporation store

The store is what allows us to eat.

  • 1. Diamond Store - Click here to go to the store (next section).
  • 2. Yen for Diamonds - Trade in your diamonds for cash!
  • 3. 10 Diamonds - Purchase 10 diamonds to use in the diamond store!
  • 4. 50 Diamonds - Purchase 50 diamonds to use in the diamond store!
  • 5. Boost Package - This will double the timing of all your boosts! It will also immediately unlock all boosts.
  • 6. Fast Track 25% - Unlock 25% of all kanji to get a head start.
  • 7. Fast Track 50% - Game is too easy? Use this to unlock 50% of all kanji for an immediate challenge!
  • 8. Fast Track 100% - Want to really get ahead? This will unlock all kanji including kanji that isn't yet released (will be unlocked immediately when released)

kanji corporation diamond store

Can you earn all these power-ups?

  • 1.Skater Nobu - Nobu will travel faster between cubicles with skates.
  • 2. Rocket Nobu - Nobu will cut down his scene transitions by half with a rocket!
  • 3. Tele-Nobu - Nobu will instantly move between scenes!
  • 4. Orange Office - Change the office background to the actual office currently being used in real life!
  • 5. Black Office - Spice up your office with this black office background.
  • 6. White Office - Elegant white background for your office.
  • 7. Duel Troll - Doubles the amount of duels. This will in effect double the probability of earning more diamonds.
  • 8. Forgiveness Troll - You will no longer be punished for duels and bankruptcy.

kanji corporation options

So many options you gotta check out!

  • 1. Statistics - We track everything you done because that's what big corporations do!
  • 2. Kanji Word Book - Any level that has been unlocked will be available here with a lot more detail than you're shown in game.
  • 3. Diamond Store - Opens the store.
  • 4. Learn Japanese Online - Check out our website (you're here now actually)
  • 5. Strategy and Tips - This is how you get to this guide from the game.
  • 6. Character Mode - For a real challenge, turn this off!
  • 7. Sound Mode - You can listen to each words pronunciation in English or Japanese (for people who want to learn English with this game).
  • 8. Game Mode - There are 4 different game modes. The game story will suggest these for you.

kanji corporation kanji book

The heart of Kanji!

  • 1. Kanji - Each kanji in the group and how to pronounce it
  • 2. Example - We provide the kanji but you need to see how it's used in a word to fully understand it.
  • 3. Radical - Radicals is a secret to learning many kanji quickly. This radical show is trees, helps if you can see it!

kanji corporation game modes

Make the game more fun and dynamic!

  • 1. Yes/No - Game default and the variety used for duels. This is basically true/false.
  • 2. Kanji Mode - The buttons will turn into kanji characters and you will have to pick the appropriate kanji.
  • 3. Definition Mode - You will be shown a kanji and its pronunciation. You will have to pick the right meaning for this kanji.
  • 4. Random Mode - Mix between the other 3 modes (RECOMMENDED)

kanji corporation

Game Boosts (after use, you will have to wait for a cooldown period to use it again)

  • 1. Auto Pilot - You can kick back and just watch your workers pick the right kanji for less earnings.
  • 2. Archive - This will go through every word in order which will allow for very high streak bonuses. How far can you go?
  • 3. Multiplier - 30 seconds (60 if you have boost package) to earn 5x more money! Very high earnings with this boost.
  • 4. Zangyou - Look for your best worker and stay on that worker until you miss! (If your worker is already at 100% accuracy, it will be slightly reduced)

kanji corporation technology menu

Technology Menu

System Level is the operating level of your company. The system's name is 'Orbit' and each level increase will open up new kanji characters. If you hit the max, let us know and we'll add more!

Current Technology is the canvas you are using. The higher the technology, the higher your bonuses. You will have to purchase a new technology for each employee.

Other furniture will be displayed on the story screen and will provide bonuses to that room. If you see this piece of furniture on the screen, it is boosting your multiplier!

kanji corporation people menu

People Menu

People are the heart of your business! Each of these are real people that work at the actual Kanji Corp. Each person can bring a unique bonus to your company.

Levels can be acquired by gaining experience. Experience is acquired when your employee is correct. The benefits of levels will be higher accuracy and bigger bonuses. Some bonuses include passive income which can be very high when maxed!

kanji corporation duel screen

Duel Challenges!

Sometimes the troll comes out and challenges you to a duel. There are 3 primary types of duels and winning a duel will earn you a diamond. You don't have to accept the duel but there's really no reason for you not to accept it. Duels are also opportunities to earn extra cash if your dueler is one of your top employees.

Duels also test you to see if you are improving your kanji abilities. They are random but purchasing a 'duel troll' from the diamond store (can be earned with diamonds) will double the probability of duels coming out.

Duel Punishment is not so bad. But you can buy a forgiveness troll to stop duel punishments (basically, removes ads). That's right, you can earn the right to stop ads without actually paying money!