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Keep Your Learning Consistent with Cool Features!
  • Words without constant internet connection for travellers!
  • All words come with examples and sound
  • Romaji, Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji supported
  • Notification alerts to notify you the new vocabulary word each day
  • Quiz/Game features to help you reinforce information
  • Who doesn't like pop quizzes in the form of fun games?
  • Easily copy/paste new words to your clipboard

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The Story Behind

Living in Tokyo and studying Japanese, I learn a lot of new word that I wouldn't be able to learn without the full immersion experience. I eventually got the bright idea to write some of them down. At first, I just jotted words on a notepad, but now I'm syncing these words on my phone and sharing it with the world! This Japanese word of the day app is extra unique because the vocabulary is what I encounter living in Japan. Some words are very normal, some are a bit specific, and some words are quirky memes. However, no words will be outdated!

kanji word of the day (wotd) main screen

This is the main screen of the app. There are various buttons you can click to see more information. For example, if you are not comfortable with hiragana, then just simply click on it and it will change to romaji! Cool right? We advise that you mark each word as learned. Marking a word as learned will add it to your word bank where you will be tested. If you don't want to be tested on the word (word is irrelevant or you don't want to be tested anymore), then just simply click again to unlearn the word.

There is an option to show the definition. This is to give you a chance to guess at the definition. If you show the definition, it will continue to be shown until the next time you see the app unless you mark it as learned. The play button allows you to listen to audio.

*note if you are just installing this app for the first time, you will have missed a lot of old word-of-the-days, but it's okay. You can click the navigation buttons at the top to review them

kanji word of the day (wotd) Enter Kanji

This is the screen for entering your own vocabulary words. To get to this menu, go to "My Words" and then the bottom left will give you an option (in yellow) to add your own vocabulary. We advise you fill all 4 fields in, but the least you need to fill in is a Kanji character and a definition. If the kanji already exists, you are unable to add it. After you fill in the word, you have the option of just adding it to your personal words, or adding to your personal words AND suggesting it be a future word-of-the-day. Word-of-the-Day requests will be reviewed and most likely will be posted on the website.

kanji word of the day (wotd) options

If you click on My Words, you will see this screen of words. Note the bottom left button will navigate you to a screen to add your own words! Each word shows the words you marked and how often it was tested and if you were correct in assessing the word. The app will try to show words that you haven't seen before so untested words will have a higher probability of being shown during quizzes.

kanji word of the day (wotd) games

The quiz button shows you this menu. On the top, you can click a category to be quizzed on. Note that you must choose All Words in order to be quizzed on your own personal words (this may change in the future upon request). Also, you must have at least 10 words in your bank to be quizzed, or else you will be asked to pick a generic category (travelling words) which are always available. This game screen contains all four words, but you need the premium edition to play all four games.

Pop Quizzes occur randomly when you add new words to your bank. This allows you to just check out the word of the day each day and still occasionally engage in quizzes. There is even a small chance you will play a new undiscovered game during a pop quiz!

kanji word of the day (wotd) game options

This is the options page.

The most important option here is notifications. Turning notifications on is highly recommended. You can set the time you want to be notified.

This tab also deals with game data syncing. In case you don't have constant internet, you can still continue to receive word of the day notifications up until a certain date. You can also turn off automatic updates of new words, and manually sync the data by yourself when you feel like you need to.

kanji word of the day (wotd) sentence game

Okay on to fun games! This first game is about sentences and context. You can play the sounds or just read the example sentence to determine the meaning of the sentence. You can also click on the sentence to see the romanized pronunciation to further analyze the sentence. If you get an answer correct, Yuko will start running!

kanji word of the day (wotd) matching

This game is about memory and definition matching. It is a great game to boost your memory techniques since a lot of kanji and vocabulary learning is about memory retention. One set of cards will be kanji and one set will be definitions. Just simply match the correct answer and try to see if you can match them all in 30 seconds!

kanji word of the day (wotd) speed game

This Neko Maneko cat's life is in danger! You have 7 seconds to save the falling cat. If you notice closely, this is going in the opposite direction of translation as the first game. This one requires to find the kanji that means the the english word up top. Be careful not to click on the wrong kanji, or the cat will plummet to its...

kanji word of the day (wotd) listening game

Our final game is about listening comprehension. This game incorporates listening and then recalling. First, listen to Yuno say the sentence and select the correct definition of the sentence. Next, you will be asked to recall the definition of they vocabulary word contained in that sentence. This two-part game will help you listen and reinforce, which is a very powerful and useful skillset!

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