Ep1. Introduction



Are you free member or a paid member? If you are a free member then I think its because it wants you to pay to be able to continue. I can't do anything after the third video because I think it wants me to pay or something. Its like what you got is a trail version not the full paid version.

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Lesson 2 quiz has a programming error in the script somewhere. Can you fix it?

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Hi everyone, the latest security update has caused an issue with our quiz pages; we're fixing it now!

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Thanks for your adoration, we will be adding new characters and kanji this year. The game has some pacing issues we have to address first.

How can I check the videos if the trial does Not let you get access to the videos after video #3? Under free member there's not a reasonable time period that let you try it out!

I just paid and I feel like my options were exactly the same when it was free. I still only see a certain amount of videos as I did when it was free, I'm confused. There's only a beginner tab, what happens when I'm not a beginner anymore and I've watched all the videos?

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