Learn to Speak & Understand Japanese

____apanese is a really difficult language to learn for English natives because not only do you have to learn Kanji characters and a bunch of new unfamiliar words, but you also have to get the hang of the rather difficult grammar. But don't worry, we have a proven method for learning Japanese quickly. Immerse yourself with Japanese television! Anime, dramas, and Japanese movies are a great learning source because they are actually enjoyable and entertaining!

Japanese Introduction Beginner Course I
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Okay before you start searching for new anime and Wikipedia - Japanese Language on Japanese and if you understand it perfectly, then you can skip the next step. Otherwise, get started by watching the video below:

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Basics of Japanese Language

  • 1. Introduction to Japanese
  • 2.Past Tense in Japanese
  • 3. Using Negatives in Japanese
  • 4. Making Suggestions in Japanese
  • 5. Using Aru and Iru in Japanese
  • 6. Conjugation Te-Form in Japanese
  • 7. Expressing Want in Japanese
  • 8. Expressing Potential in Japanese/li>
  • 9. Using Adjectives in Japanese
  • 10. Using the Command Form in Japanese

Japanese Introduction Beginner Course II - focus on expressions and particles
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  • 1. Expressing To and Towards
  • 2. Expressing From and To
  • 3. Expressing This and That
  • 4. Using the No Particle
  • 5. Connecting Nouns
  • 6. Intro to Adverbs
  • 7. Ending Particles
  • 8. More Advanced Adverbs
  • 9. Advanced Markers/li>
  • 10. Question Words

Learn Kanji on Your Phone with a Fun Game
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