Doraemon Ep1 - Nobita Lando

Learn Japanese from Drama - Doraemon Episode 1 - Nobita Lando

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Nobita and Doraemon can't find an appropriate place to play so they wish there was a city of freedom - 自由の町 (jiyuu no machi). Lucky for Nobita, Doraemon has the skills to build Nobita's dream city! (You might recognize some parts of this episode as they were featured in grammar lessons in Episode 7)

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Learn Japanese from TV - Yonimo Kimyouna Monogatari Part 1 - 扉の先 (Tobira no Saki) Beyond the door

Our first tale of the unusual comes from a prison. The prisoners are going to be transferred to unknown locations. One prisoner perfectly tells of what's behind the executioner's door; actually, too perfectly.

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Learn Japanese from Dramas - Hana Yori Dango!
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2欲しいな〜hoshiinato want
3自由な町jiyuuna machitown of freedom
4三秒待つsannbyou matuwait three seconds
6大成功!daiseikoubig success
7好きなようにsukinayounias you wish/like
8小さな本chiisana honsmall book
9みんなつまらないminna tumaranaieveryone's boring/bored
10ここが入口kokoga iriguchithis is the entrance
11どらやきdorayakiA traditional Japanese confectionary
12喜んで遊んでるyorokonnde asonderuhappily playing
14物置を建ててくださいmonookiwo tatetekudasaiplease build a shed
15片付けなさい!katazukenasaiclean up!


This is great!!! I have heard of Doreamon but would never have taken the time to watch. I am very happy about the format, the subtitles, the inserts with vocabulary, and the practice vocabulary/quizlet. It is a nice combination!

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