Feature series

  • Tales of the Unusual (世にも奇妙な物語)

    Summers in Japan are about ghost stories (however how mild) 世にも奇妙な物語 (Yonimo Kimyouna Monogatari) is a popular program hosted by Tamori. Aired only once or twice a year, each episode contains several 5-30 minute long drama like shows of unusual tales, comparable to America’s Twilight Zone. These funny, scary, or just... Read more


  • Funny Stories すべらない話 (Suberanai Hanashi)

    Matsumoto Hitoshi and the stories that won't slip 松本人志のすべらない話 (Matsumoto Hitoshi no suberanai hanashi) is a show hosted by Matsumoto Hitoshi, in which he and several other comedians gather around a table to tell each other personal, funny stories. Matsumoto rolls a multifaceted die with everyone's name on it, and the... Read more


  • Japanese Japanese Dont Know

    What a great drama for learning Japanese! This is a must watch for all Japanese learners! We bring you the series plus a lot of extra explanations and notes! Haruko Kano (Riisa Naka) meets an old high school teacher who suggests that that Haruko would make a fine Japanese language instructor... Read more


  • ドラえもん (Doraemon)

    Doraemon is a children's cartoon about a robotic cat that comes from the 22nd century to the 20th century and stays with Nobi Family.  He is Nobita's best friend and always tries to help out Nobita using devices from the 22nd century.  Doraemon loves dorayaki (Japanese red bean pancakes) and hates mice.


  • ワンピース(One Piece)

    This anime needs no introduction but here it is anyways. Beginning in 1998, One Piece is not only still airing but tops all the ratings as Japan's most popular anime and manga even after all these years. There are obviously too many episodes for us to go through but we will take you back in time to the... Read more


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(Introduction to Grammar II) Lesson07 - Ending Particles Previous Episode

(Introduction to Grammar II) Lesson08 - More Adverbs Previous Episode

Premium Cast
(Introduction to Grammar II) Lesson09 - Ga Wa and Wo Particles Previous Episode

(Introduction to Grammar) Lesson02 - Tenses Previous Episode

Premium Cast
(Introduction to Grammar II) Lesson20 - Who What When Where Previous Episode

Premium Cast
(Intermediate Grammar I) Lesson01 - How to Count Properly in Japanese13>

(Intermediate Grammar I) Lesson02 - How to Make Conditional Statements in Japanese13>

Premium Cast
(Intermediate Grammar I) Lesson03 - Using the Shi Ending in Japanese13>

Premium Cast
(Intermediate Grammar I) Lesson04 - Making Comparisons in Japanese13>

Premium Cast
(Intermediate Grammar I) Lesson05 - Giving and Receiving in Japanese13>

(Intermediate Grammar I) Lesson06 - Expressing Excess and Only in Japanese13>

Premium Cast
(Intermediate Grammar I) Lesson07 - Expressing Should and Supposed in Japanese13>

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Beginner, Lessons
(Intermediate Grammar I) Lesson08 - Usages of Bakari in Japanese13>

(Intermediate Grammar I) Lesson09 - Many Ways of Expressing Likeness Japanese13>

(Introduction to Grammar) Lesson03 - Negatives Previous Episode

Premium Cast
(Intermediate Grammar I) Lesson10 - Expressing Must or Have To in Japanese13>

(Introduction to Grammar) Lesson04 - Suggestions Previous Episode

(Introduction to Grammar) Lesson05 - Existence Previous Episode

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