Season 3 Japanese Lessons

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Season 3: Lesson Plan

The first season of Videocast beginner series taught you basic Japanese sentence structure using just an orange.

The second season focused on sushi

In our third season, our focus is on anime and drama. We now consider this Intermediate Lessons!

  • 1. Counters
  • 2. Conditional statements
  • 3. Etc
  • 4. Better / Worse
  • 5. Giving and Receiving
  • 6. Too much / Too little
  • 7. Should and Shouldn't
  • 8. Bakari
  • 9. Looks Like
  • 10. Must Do This

We are taking clips from recent media:

  • Doraemon : Stand By Me (movie)
  • Koufuku Graffiti (anime)
  • PsychoPass (anime)
  • Death Parade (anime)
  • Bakaran (anime)
  • Masshiro (drama)
  • Ouroboros (drama)
  • Gakkou no Kaidan (drama)
  • Oniichan Gacha (drama)
  • Hirugao (drama)


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My points

Point summary: