Japanese Japanese Dont Know

What a great drama for learning Japanese! This is a must watch for all Japanese learners! We bring you the series plus a lot of extra explanations and notes! Haruko Kano (Riisa Naka) meets an old high school teacher who suggests that that Haruko would make a fine Japanese language instructor & offers to help her get a job at a public school. However, the teacher first requires Haruko to work for three months at a private school. He hands her the textbook book which is for elementary school students. When Haruko shows up for her first day as a Japanese language teacher she discovers that the school is for foreign students learning Japanese! Her students asks Haruko questions about her own Japanese language that makes Haruko realize that she doesn't even fully comprehend her own native language. Can Haruko survive her first few days as Japanese language instructor? Will the students learn from Haruko?

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