How to Learn Japanese Infographic 2: Anime & Drama!

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How to Learn Japanese Infographic P2: Anime & Drama!

See our blog on Japanese Learning Methods to see more detail on this method. This is the second of two methods on Japanese language learning. This is our preferred method and there is a lot of testimonies online of this method working from LearnLangs - Understand Your Favorite TV Series in 30 Days (not exactly 30 days but is possible) and Quora - Learn Japanese through Anime. Check out part one of our infographic as well here

Big props to ChisaBox for designing this infographic for us - so awesome!

Download the full infographic here.

How to Learn Japanese Infographic - Anime & Drama

If the feeling of learning Japanese is overwhelming and you want a casual way to slowly pick up Japanese without the headache of studying, this is the right method for you!