Greetings and Phrases 3

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Are you readily equipped with these everyday Japanese phrases? Take this quiz to find out!

Japanese Greetings and Phrases 3 Quiz!

Here's a quick cheatsheet on basic phrases

Do Your Best:

がんばれ (ganbare)

What do you say when you are cheering your friend?

Cheers for Hard Work :

おつかれさまです (otsukaresamadesu)

What do you say to a hard worker?

I'll be in your care :

おせわになります (osewaninarimasu)

おせわになります (osewaninarimasu) means:

Welcome to our store

いらっしゃいませ (irasshaimase)

いらっしゃいませ (irasshaimase) means:

Entering Someone's House :

おじゃまします (ojyamashimasu)

What do you say when you're entering someone's house?

What Do You Say To Someone Who Is Sick :

おだいじに (odaijini)

What do you say to someone who is sick?

Long Time No See:

お久しぶりです (ohisashiburidesu)

お久しぶりです (ohisashiburidesu) means:

Happy New Year :

あけましておめでとう (akemashiteomedetou)

あけましておめでとう (akemashiteomedetou) means:

When you ask your friend for a request :

よろしく (yoroshiku)

What do you say when you ask a friend for a favor?


おめでとうございます (omedetougozaimasu)

おめでとうございます (omedetougozaimasu) means: