Greetings and Phrases 2

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Do you know basic Japanese phrases to get around? Take this quiz to find out!

Japanese Greetings and Phrases 2 Quiz!

Here's a quick cheatsheet on basic phrases

How Are You:

おげんきですか? (ogenkidesuka)

How do you say how are you?

What Do You Say Before You Eat :

いただきます (itadakimasu)

What do you say before you eat?

What Do You Say After You Eat :

ごちそうさまでした (gochisousamadeshita)

What do you say after you eat?

Excuse Me :

すみません (sumimasen)

How do you say excuse me?

When You're Leaving:

いってきます (ittekimasu)

When you're leaving, you say:

When Someone's Leaving (eg. to work):

いってらっしゃい (itterasshai)

When they're leaving, you say:

When You Return:

ただいま (tadaima)

When you return, you say:

When Someone Returns:

おかえりなさい (okaerinasai)

When they return, you say: