Doraemon Ep2 - Transformation Cookie

Learn Japanese from Drama - Doraemon Episode 2 - Transformation Cookie

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Learn Japanese from Cartoons - Doraemon Episode 2 - Transformation Cookie

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1お客様okyakusamacustomer, guest
3お待ちどう様omachidousamathanks for the wait
4お菓子okashicandy, sweets
5ひ、ふ、み、や・・・hi, fu, mi, ya ...tranditional Japanese alphabet/hiragana, a way to count
7にゃーnyaJapanese "meow"
8困ったなーkomattanahow troublesome, inconvenient
10ひひーんhihi-nJapanese "neigh"
12結構kekkouenough, fine
13こけこっこーkokekkoko-Japanese "cocka-doodle-doo"
17帰るkaerugo home/leave
19ままも食べたんだ!mamamo tabetanda!mom ate it too!


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