Hi everyone! Our game is now released in all app stores for FREE! Let us know what you think and enjoy! Please search for "Kanji Defense"

Japanese Word of the Day! New word everyday
Another fun RPG Kanji Game Kanji Corporation

For any questions about the IOS, Android, Amazon, or Windows versions, please contact support@japanesevideocast.com

Learn Japanese from Anime & Drama: Watch an awesome introduction video into Japanese. In the first lesson, you can already learn to apply some of your knowledge to drama and anime. Click here to Learn Basic Japanese

Working web version (limited functionality)

Watch the trailer

Many game options to choose from with story mode and endless or pick-a-level!

New JVC Characters will liven your experience and teach you new words!

Learn kanji from square one and watch your vocabulary of words blossom!

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I have no cell phone, so I have tried the web version. Very funny et very useful ! Thanks a lot for the good work :-). What are the limits of this version towards the other ?

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Sorry for the late reply Olivier! The web version doesn't save your data so you won't be able to keep track of stats. For example, is there a certain kanji that you keep missing? Hopefully you can get a cell phone to play it on soon!