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I know the cronut is an outdated fad by now but I just saw the cronut again at Family Mart and thought...


Since the cronut is actually trademarked, I don't ever see anyone calling it the cronut. I've seen dossant or just normally as in this case: クロワッサン風ドーナツ (kurofussanfuu do-natsu) (croissant-style donut). For 138 yen, you can eat a donut that has some inkling of croissant. I'm sure it's really good when it was fresh, but that crispiness is hard to maintain when you're sitting on a conveyor belt -> truck -> shelf.


I've tasted the cronut in Los Angeles and San Francisco as well as Tokyo and it always tastes about the same. I remember how excited I was to try it for the first time in Los Angeles. It's a bit too sweet for me but I really like croissants so I always end up trying it whenever I see it. It's not mind-blowing or anything and I would say it's more of a crispy donut than a croissant.


I've seen the cronut come and go a lot in Tokyo over the last year. I've seen it at small stalls by the station, inside Mister Donuts, various bakeries, and now even in a convenient store. This is when I thought to myself, it's over for the cronut as I'm sure Family Mart won't be holding onto this for long. I actually really liked the Mister Donut cronut but it didn't seem too popular for other people. Now instead you can get the エビパイ (shrimp pie) rather than the cronut. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted!


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